Thursday, July 8, 2004

Hello 30s.

Someone said that 10 years was far too long for a reasonable person to be forced to spend in their 20s.

For myself, the 20s were a wonderful decade of introspection, growth, adventure and faith.
The 20s were kind to me. It started with graduating college at 20 and welcoming our first child and getting married at 21. I'm an avid planner of details, but somehow the plan for my life was out of my hands and I knew it. I never bothered to envision what I'd be doing 2, 5 or 10 years down the line. Sure, we talked about this or that, mostly about the day we'd be free of debt or the dream of owning a home. But I'm proud to say that I realize the things I can fix, change and plan, and the rest I follow with the belief that it will work out in the end and all things occur for a reason and in their own time.
Since those first big steps, my 20s have seen us add three more children to our family, move along the East Coast, buy a house, buy a car, move overseas, sell a house, and travel around Asia and Australasia. Life hasn't always been perfect, but it has always progressed and improved. I've had help from wonderful parents, a supportive husband and inspiring children.
I wonder sometimes where I'd be if I'd gotten it in my head that something specific -should- have happened. What if I had a deep desire that conflicted with where our lives were going and if I had battled for that path instead? We always had a choice on paper (move or stay, buy or lease), but somehow the choice never seemed to truly exist. I can't say our good fortune has been a product of chance, it hasn't, and yet it does feel that something greater has played a role in our opportunities.
The 20s were a time of self-definition, as it should have been. I'm little like that person who walked across the stage and down the aisle, but that's not to say that person was lacking. She was just right for that time. But I like the person I am now. My mind feels clearer, my body feels healthier and my heart feels lighter. I'm more comfortable in my skin and with that I feel I can enjoy the gifts I have been given.
With my husband and children by my side, I know the 30s have great things in store. I can't wait.

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