Thursday, July 15, 2004

I'm amazed.

The kids had their 3rd swimming lesson yesterday. A huge thunderstorm swept through right before we planned to leave, so we arrived at the pool about 40 minutes late, but the instructors waited.

The kids are doing amazing. My biggest worry now is being able to continue what they've learned and encourage them in the same way their instructors have. Thank goodness we still have 3 more weeks, they might all be swimming on their own by then. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
Nicholas was being taught to paddle back and forth in conjunction with putting his head in the water and blowing bubbles, lifting his head to breathe, then putting it back under again. Kathrine's crawl stroke is coming along beautifully. With her kickboard she is stretching her arms out to make a full arc, turning her head to the side with each stroke to breathe and blowing bubbles under water. She's also learning how to do a proper shallow dive. Rebecca is taking her time but becoming more comfortable in the water. By the end of the lesson yesterday both she and Jonathon were jumping in from the side and swimming -without floats- a few feet to their instructor.
I was able to finish reading _Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas_ (a quick easy read with both a sad and happy ending) while sitting by the pool and getting bitten by mosquitoes. Guess I need to toss a bottle of bug cream into our swim basket for myself.

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