Saturday, October 2, 2004

Bad Mom Award... pass it over, please.

So Rebecca has been complaining of mouth pain for a while.

Whenever she brings it up (daily), she's pointed to the sides of her mouth and specifically the gums on either side. Since she's of Tooth Losing Age, I kept reassuring her that it was probably her new teeth working their way up, even as she argued that her teeth were not at all loose.
Today I finally actually looked at the teeth rather than the gums she was pointing at and noticed red spots on either side. I had her brush, thinking it was food lodged, and then took a second look. Nope, not food... two gaping holes, one on each side. My kids has cavities and they're bad ones. No wonder she's had headaches for a couple weeks. No wonder she has troubles eating. No wonder she can't fall asleep easily at night.
Monday I'll get a recommendation from the clinic for a good pediatric dentist, then make appointments for all the kids. The 20th is a day off and I can schedule Katherine that day, the boys can go any afternoon, but Rebecca needs to be seen ASAP so I'll let you know what Makati pediatric DDS we go to.
I will wear my Bad Mom pin with shame.

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