Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Holiday Pay and Travel Expenses

She tried to scam me!

A long while back in the spring, our housekeeper asked about her yearly holiday. I have no problems with giving a two week holiday, everyone deserves one. The problem I have is how she went about it.
Back then we'd discussed when would be a good time for it and we agreed that sometime in September would be good. At the time she told me it was because of her daughter's Coming Out party (yes, they still do that here). Fast forward to August and she asks for the last week of September and the first week of October, the "time of her province's fiesta". Again, that's fine. My schedule is filling up slowly but I've run a house before on my own, this is nothing new. Granted I've gotten lazy the past 18 months but I knew I'd cope just fine. Though now I knew that Laura's baby shower was going to be held smack in the middle of the housekeeper's vacation so that's quite a bit of work I hadn't anticipated. Again, no big deal. In the real world, it would be all my work anyhow prepping the house.
Fast forward again to last Wednesday. As I swing by the house to pick up something, she mentions that her last employers gave her a travel allowance during her holiday. She asked if I would do the same.
Being a caught a little off guard, I told her that wasn't something I'd heard of before and that it was a little late to be asking seeing as she was off at the end of the week. I asked her how much the trip was. She didn't know! The only thing she said was that the rates were higher than last year. Not that she said what -those- rates were either. And then she changed her story. It was no longer fiesta time, it was the anniversary of her mother's death and she wanted to go back to her province for it.
Now, she had stated last year that once her mother died she had no more family in Leyte. Everyone else was in Manila. So in essence she was asking to go back to go to the cemetery? OK, I could see that, and yet if -this- story was true then she knew when her mother's death anniversary was and she should have prepared for it, right? Or am I just heartless?
Skip to Friday and she mentions that she's not going to Leyte because she can't afford it and if I need help for the baby shower then she can come. Oh, and that she'll just have to send up prayers for her mother and hope it's enough.
Can we say a poor attempt at a guilt trip? Ugh.

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