Friday, September 24, 2004

The 300th entry.

This is our 300th entry since starting this blog. Most of the entries by yours truly, though the funny ones are almost always guaranteed to be Ian's doing. Since this is me, I'll just give you a run down of what's coming up with us, in case you were wondering.

25 September: Katherine's first swim meet with the ISM sailfish. We get up well before 6 in order for her to catch the team bus at 6:30. We'll follow in our car since the meet is supposed to last until 2 or 3 in the afternoon but if she's done with her races we can leave early, because...
Tomorrow afternoon we have a birthday party to go to in the opposite direction of the swim meet. It's for a 1yo, which at this point I would skip, only the parents are friends of ours from Virginia. They attend my parents' church and her family is here in Manila. They're coming here to have the party and we're invited, so it's not something we can miss.
26 September: Church, swim lesson, letter writing/e-mail/package prep.
The rest is a quick overview -
All Next Week: Preparing for Laura's baby shower. She's due sometime near the end of November and is having the baby here. I get to see and hopefully hold a newborn again! I'm so excited.
27 September: Scheduled to have the rest of mylarge moles removed. Yay. Yuck. Mail everything I prepped Sunday.
28 September: Take Christine to pick up the pictures/paintings I dropped off for framing last week. It was fun deciding how to frame everything, when I got home I was looking around to see what else I could bring in. Definitely affordable.
29 September: Order the cake and balloons for the party. Pick up last minute non-food items.
30 September: Do the rest of the food shopping and prep foods that can be refrigerated overnight. Hope the fridge is large enough, we're expecting anywhere from 25-40 people.
1 October: Pick up cake, etc. Clean house, finish prep. The shower is at 6 p.m.
2 October: Shopper's Day! Shopping shopping shopping. Thank goodness Thursday is payday because I want to buy some quilts. And other stuff.
3 October: Church, swim lesson, letters etc.
7 October: Ryan's birthday dinner at their house. Hmm, need childcare, it's for the adults.
9 October: Palawan for the long weekend!!
Jovy is on vacation for the next two weeks but will come in this Friday to help with the baby shower. We're still going to be using a lot of disposable stuff. It's not going to be a game centered party, but a couples get-together to share the joy of expentant parents. I'm looking forward to it. I'm just such a lousy guesser of how much food is enough (I'm always underestimating for my own family) that I hope I go overboard instead. Wish me luck. Any suggestions on what we should have/do?

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