Friday, September 3, 2004

It's September

This year the girls both have Filipino teachers. Rebecca says school is OK, Katherine said the first day that she had all the best teachers. Neither one of them has any homework worth commenting on (Katherine has spelling words and some math worksheets, Rebecca has some reading and lots of parent involved "work")

Afterschool activities are in full-swing as well. Rebecca had her first ballet class on Tuesday and while she had fun she was also very serious when following her teacher's directions. I'm glad to see her apply herself to something. She should though, she's been asking to take ballet for a year now. Thursday she had her first Sculpture class and she thoroughly enjoyed playing with clay and making a picture with it.
Katherine is still doing swim team. I hope to get over there about once a week to watch her progress. She loves it and it has radically affected her calorie intake. She's much like Helen from "The Miracle Worker", wandering around the table and finishing off what everyone has left behind after dinner.
The boys had Water Fun Day at AmeriKids and then played at Katie's house. Nicholas proclaimed Sean, her big brother, the coolest big brother ever.

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