Monday, September 6, 2004

Mine Eyes.

Today is Labor Day and a holiday for us just like the rest of you.

The housekeeper came to watch the kids while I went to a doctor appointment. Ian took me because if all had gone as planned I wouldn't have been able to drive home.

Unfortunately, I went through the preliminary steps and was deemed currently unqualified. Arg. They said to come back and we'll see how things are after a course of minor medication. Ian will have to take a day off from work to do this trip again, and that frustrated both of us.
So what were the issues. #1: My eyes are too dry. I have steroid drops and imitation tears drops to use. Yuck to both. But maybe this is why my eyes are perpetually tired? #2: My pupils are dilated too much in normal daytime light. Eyes are dilated unnaturally to 8.5mm to have a surgery site of 5mm. Mine are naturally at 6.5mm, meaning that if I were to have the surgery, I could have a glare halo for several months. That explains why I have terrible twilight and night vision, especially while driving. I always knew I saw halos. #3: The image of my cornea came back "abnormal". A typical scan is centered with a figure 8 image on the screen. One of my eyes had the 8 but below the center. The other had no 8 at all and was below the center as well. I had to assure the optometrist that I haven't worn contacts in 10 years, so that couldn't be the cause of these malformations, could it?
I didn't make it to the dilation step. Though it could have been done today, it would have taken 2 hours to complete and next time I'll just have to do it again. I'm not looking forward to having dilated eyes in the least. Yuck. That and the LASIK just give me the heebie jeebies. She explained how they have a tool for holding your eyes open during the 15-20 minutes it takes and I can't help but shudder.
Considering how poorly I've slept for the past week because of anxiety over this, I'm surprised I'm still considering the procedure now that it has been delayed.
I just don't know.

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