Saturday, September 25, 2004

Quick post because I'm too tired to write more

Katherine had her first ISM Sailfish swim meet (held at Brent, along with the Brent, British, Manila Japanese and European International teams) this morning and did her very best.

She had four events, 25m in each stroke. For a kid who wasn't swimming any stroke 3 months ago, she did amazing. The biggest surprise for me was her butterfly and how well she's progressed since even a few weeks ago when she hit the flags and basically stopped moving. Oh her arms were going but her forward motion stopped, she was too tired. Not today, today she did great.
I only know her ranking for the first two events so far, the 25m Free (32/41) and the 25m Back (27/31). She had a goal for each race... overall it was "don't get disqualified". And she didn't! For breast stroke it was to touch the wall with both hands... and she did. For butterfly it was to finish... and she did. For backstroke it was to not be last... and she wasn't.
We were very proud of her effort, sending her loads of encouragements as she worked herself into a nervous tizzy before the first event. But 5 hours later she was a successful swim meet survivor. Not the best, but far from last place as well.

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