Tuesday, September 21, 2004

School notes

Tomorrow night I'm off to the Open House meeting for Katherine's class.

Should be fun. Ian went on the 15th for Rebecca's class and had some words with the teacher about an assignment from the prior week. If Casey makes it tomorrow night, it should be interesting to hear the exchange between her and Mr. Gascon. We do wonder where some of their work comes from, it doesn't always make sense.
Rebecca received her first set of spelling words. They didn't start easy either. Were, There, Which, Said, Will. Couldn't there have been a set of words that could be figured out phonetically? Or have something in common (sound, ending, twist)? At least to break them in? She'll learn them though.
Oh, one more quick note. For some unknown reason, Rebecca cut her hair today. She says Kai told her too. Now she has bangs and a chunk on one side is shorter. I guess we're going to get a haircut tomorrow. This from the girl who told me she wanted to grow her hair long again. Well, that's not going to happen for a long time at this rate.

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