Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Getting Around

Last Friday was a day off for the girls.

It was Teacher Appreciation Day, so I guess they showed appreciation by getting all the kids away.
The plan had been for Christine to pick up a couple girls to go bowling with hers, I would drop my boys off at preschool and then take my girls to the bowling alley too. Well, one of hers got sick that morning, so after dropping off the boys, I picked up her healthy kids along with the other girls and we went to Kids at Work in Glorietta instead. Bowling would have been fun, but with just me and a time constraint of retrieving the boys, Kids at Work was better.
So six girls and I played for an hour in that grungy playland. Katie had no intention of going in but after sitting on the side for a bit, she agreed to go in as long as I stuck right by her. It took another 30 minutes for her to climb off on her own. Why is it whenever an adult plays, they become the "monster", the "bad guy" or just someone to gang up on? Sheesh. But I have to admit I had fun. The kids got thirsty so we went to Burger King for some lunch and then Meg asked if everyone could go to her house to play. I called up moms, got OKs, and dropped them all off with the yayas before heading back to Seafront to pick up my boys.
Back to Dasma and my girls and the other set that didn't live in that house piled back into the van. Another OK from their mom and they came to play at our playground. Finally it was time to take them home and wouldn't you know they asked to go play again?
Then yesterday was another driving day. After taking the boys to preschool, Laura showed me Harrison Plaza and where the framing shop she'd used was. I finally dropped off several pieces that have needed framing since July 2002. One of them is a poster size photo of a church in a small town in Belgium where we lived when I was little. I feel the need to go through everything else we own and see if it needs framing.
After dropping those off, I hopped over to pick up Lisa and kids and brought them to Seafront. They don't have their car yet and haven't gotten a rental so I'm trying to help out as I can. Back at Seafront it was time to get the boys, and Katie came over to play until Rebecca got home. Katie safely at her house, Katherine came home, kids start eating as Ian gets home and I'm back out the door to pick up Christime for a sailfish swim team meeting at ISM until 8:30. Drop her back at home and promise that today will be quieter.
And it was. Boys in preschool, I brought Laura, Sonya and Jennifer to the AWCP bazaar (where I found plenty of new stuff to buy, but didn't since Shopper's Day is coming up soon). Katherine's quilt was apparently brought to last month's bazaar but no one called me, and they didn't bring it today, so it will be delivered to the house on Monday. The frames will be done on Monday too. A week turnaround isn't bad at all.
I still want to get a quilt for the guest bed (that I like.. the one I have I decided I just don't care for) and one for our bed. I saw the perfect one today for us but hadn't (intentionally) brought much cash with me. Besides, someone else bought it as I was standing at the stall. It was niiiice.
Next week's duty is Laura's baby shower. A friend of her's, Katherine, had her baby on Saturday so I think Laura is really gearing up for having her own. I'm getting in gear putting it together with Stephanie. My schedule is forming for when to order and pick up items, so I don't feel like I'm flailing too much. The true challenge will be that the housekeeper is off all next week and the week after. I'll be doing a lot of cleaning, but that's OK. I'm determined to come home each morning so I have that child free time to use well.

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