Saturday, September 4, 2004

Labor Day Weekend

Nothing much is going on this weekend. I've been sleeping a lot the past week, last night I fell asleep while Ian was putting the girls to bed. The middle of the night was some dozing time, but I didn't actually get up until 6:30 this morning.

I wanted to write up a few things that have gone on the past week:
For one, I can't believe I haven't mentioned yet that Nicholas can tie his shoes! I know some prefer to stay with velcro shoes for the first 5 or 6 years but we've always used tie shoes as well and each of the kids has learned to tie their own laces right around 4 1/2 years old. He's proud of himself, as he should be.
Right after Nicholas's birthday he told me that he said he'd wait until he was 5 to learn. And no, I didn't push, nor did we have intense sessions of shoe tying lessons. We took it slow with learning one step at a time. First I'd ask him to just make and X with the laces and I would finish the rest. Then we added in the twist. Later, I'd ask him to make the first bunny ear, and so on. Easy, and now the only thing I do is double knot.
We bought Rebecca her leotard and ballet shoes at SM. If you're in the market for them, you don't need to go to the dance schools. SM has a section near the inside doors of the children's section. The shoe floor has ballet shoes as well. I bought 3 pairs there first (in different sizes), but they are not good quality. I didn't mind though as they will most likely be used as play shoes at home. For $2/pair it wasn't a waste. In the dance supplies section, I bought a much more durable pair for P499/$9 and the leotard for P459/$8. She's all set for Tuesday.
Katherine has been doing well with organization in school. She's only forgotten to bring home her PE uniform once and her spelling book once. She says she's regularly using her glasses and is being responsible for them, to the point of using them for computer, keeping them safe in a locker during PE and then missing the bus to retrieve them from the locker after PE, where she's forgotten them.
I had a talk with another 3rd grade mom on Friday and she was concerned with the class. I admit I looked a little lost. She said that the homework is difficult to follow and I agreed that it seems much of the detail of their homework is left up to the kids to remember from being told in school. Katherine seems to be doing OK with that, so I wasn't worried about it. Then she said that they were reading _Charlotte's Web_ and I completely blanked. She said her daughter was having a little trouble keeping up with the night time reading. I didn't even know they were reading _Charlott's Web_, Katherine has never brought the book home. Then there was the question of the spelling words and where they were coming from. There's a list of about 30 words that come home on Monday and there doesn't seem to be a method to the chosen words.
I told her I'd ask Katherine about it.
Well, about the book, they are indeed reading _Charlotte's Web_, but Katherine has never brought the book home because she reads in her spare time and is well ahead of where they should be in class. The spelling words were explained in the 3rd grade Friday report I just read through. Words are chosen from a 3rd grade list but also from the work done in class. So it seems that all is well.
Jonathon is doing well and enjoying preschool. Everyone loves him, he's the Smiling Boy. Of course not all is roses, he made it to the Red Chair timeout for fighting on Friday. It's his first timeout for the year and it was a doozy. His brother shared the timeout with him for fighting with the same boy.
Yesterday we had lunch at the SM foodcourt. Wendy's, Jollibee, Tokyo Tokyo, so many of the same places as right outside the door. But we did see one that was unexpected: Balut Eggspress. I think I'll let Ian tell about that little adventure.
Today is the CCD Mass at church. CCD starts 15 September, we do the Wednesday classes because otherwise Sunday mornings are a mess with the classes partially overlapping Mass.
Then this afternoon we'll play some tennis and the kids will have their swim lesson. I don't like this timing at all for the swimming but since we don't live at Seafront it's the only timing that works moderatly well for everyone Only 6 more weeks to go and then we'll take a break.

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