Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Last Friday we went to ASFS

The girls attend the Science Focus school here in Arlington and on Friday my mom, the boys and I went to see Katherine and her classmates put on a puppet show. The shows were cute, various interpretations of a comic involving a cat and a frog, but what I didn't know was that immediately following was the 3rd-5th awards ceremony.

Third quarter report cards came out last week and both girls did very well. The only surprise was Katherine's O(utstanding)s in Listening and in Personal Organization. Huh?? If anyone recalls, in Manila both of those areas were her difficult zones. She's either growing up or the requirements are different here.
There were no surprises for Rebecca. Her spelling Stinks but her logical thinking is exceptional. Her reading is improving, her math is right at grade level, but she can't tell time. P.E. is not her forte.
Katherine received all As and Bs for grades, with Os and Ss for efforts. As a result, at the awards ceremony she received a certificate for achieving the Honor Roll. I'm glad that grandma pays attention to the school calendar!
Looks like I've reached the point of needing a scrapbook to hold school awards.
Also related to school, we're in Virginia and at the end of May every student in the state takes the Standards of Learning tests, aka SOLs. The acronym's other meaning may apply better to us because Katherine is getting a crash course in everything taught the past 2 1/2 years. The SOLs cover material from 1st and 2nd grades in VA. She was almost in tears with frustration last night trying to absorb the differences between direct and representational democracies. And she cannot keep the Tiber and Niger rivers straight.
In Manila the classes covered zero American History or Explorers and completely different language arts. There are 5 different exams at the end of the month and it's going to be interesting. She'll do fine in Reading, Writing and Math, but Science and Social Studies will be hard.

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