Friday, May 27, 2005

The "Lost" Mystery

What's your guess? What's the purpose of the island on "Lost"?

I'll tell you my thought, but it's not original.

The island is Purgatory. A second chance to clean up, clear your mind, do the right thing.
Charlie was forced to clean up. A heroin junky who detoxed, but not of his own volition. Now, the temptation is presented to him... will he beat it back?
Claire didn't want her baby. She didn't even name him after he was born. Now she's faced with being his only hope for survival and when he was at risk she named him and wanted him back. Is that enough to save her?
Mike didn't even want Walt before they boarded the plane. Now, Walt is taken and Mike is free of his responsibility. But it's obviously not that easy, is it. The island changed both of them.
And the stories go on and on.
Those who die seem to be the ones at peace, the strong and faithful ones. Why is the French woman still there after all these years? Because of her son, is my guess.
We're going to miss this show when we're gone. But thank goodness for DVD.

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