Monday, May 9, 2005


Yesterday we watched the "Series of Unfortunate Events" movie. Jonathon stayed out for a good part of it, he didn't like Jim Carrey's character so he'd leave whenever the bad guy came on.

One character is a toddler who doesn't speak words but can be understood by her siblings. For the rest of us, we have subtitles. They don't stay up that long, but Rebecca caught them anyway. She has come such a long way in her reading the past couple months that she's now reading easy chapter books to herself and slogging through _Lassie Come Home_. Her 20 minutes a night for quiet reading isn't difficult because I've been picking easy readers (young Cam Jansen, Amelia Bedelia) and she loves that she can come out at the end of her reading time having completed two whole books. Now to get the boys reading. Nicholas is getting better at sight words but Jonathon doesn't know anything beyond "N-O! no! Y-E-S! yes!".
Our math theme last week went very well with the boys favorite being marshmallow math, related to M&M math. This week we're doing a food theme. Sunday is the Taste of Arlington I'd like to go to, and we have a farmer's market each Saturday, so we have books on where food comes from, recipe books and books on how people round the world eat the same foods (though sometimes those foods look different). I'm hoping to one day this week have the boys help me pick something to cook/bake and then work together from the shopping to the finished product.
We're continuing with Virginia history, Colonial history and Williamsburg/Jamestown as well in preparation for our trip to Williamsburg on the 21st. Rebecca had received the Felicity set of American Girl books a while back from grandma and we completed the last book in the read-one-chapter-aloud-each-night-method last week. Felicity is a Colonial Williamsburg girl and has grand adventures while the patriots rev up towards the Revolutionary War.

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