Wednesday, June 15, 2005


We're stuck between not doing much of anything and not knowing which end is up. That may seem like a contradiction in terms, but anyone stuck in this place knows what I'm saying.

There is so much to do. But it's not -doing- stuff, it's stuff that has to be done. I don't need to build a house or fix a car with my two hands. That would be -doing- something. Instead, I'm sitting here thinking of all the things that must be done that basically require me... to sit here.
Our consumables catalog arrived. Only 6000+ items to go through, keeping in mind cost and weight when ordering. I'm at item #3268: Heinz Ketchup, 36oz sq btls, 12 count, $37.07 My eyes are crossing as I figure out what brand and size of every conceivable American food. If it were just me going, 95% of these items wouldn't be coming with us, but I have to account for everyone's tastes and while I may not want some of these items, five other people do. Granted most of our shipment will be snack foods. Bad for you, indulgent foods which are scoffed at by those who believe living off the local economy and eliminating all that nasty Oreo goo from one's diet is the true way to experience a new culture.
Yay for them. More Oreos for us.
So I sit here with an Excel window open, marking this or that to be shipped to West Africa. I promise not all 2500 pounds will be Oreos.
I have three pages of reminders pasted to the wall in front of me, next to the calendar that is also about 2/3 filled with little notes. I work better with lists so they're everywhere and broken down into
Thing to Get
Things to Do in June
Things to Do in July
Things to Do in August
Items to Mail Ahead
Pack in UAB
Pack in HHE
Pack in Suitcases for Homeleave
Pack in Suitcases for Plane
We leave the States August 29th but our trips start July 29th. Our apt is being packed up the 26th of July, just 6 weeks from now.
School is finally wrapping up as well. The girls get out June 24th, end of next week. Tonight begins the seemingly neverending Last Days of School Activities. Tonight is the ice cream social and book swap, tomorrow is Rebecca's music program, on Monday is the 10th Anniversary celebration, Tuesday is the 3rd grade picnic and Author's Tea, Thursday is Awards Ceremony and of course Friday is early release last day. One day in there also is Rebecca's picnic but the notice didn't say which day, just asked for money. That irked me a bit.
So once school is out I wanted to put the kids into summer camp for a week in July. A SummerFest program for the girls and a Tots program for the boys. Somehow, I never saw the booklet until a few weeks ago, but registration started the first week in April, so all four kids are on the wait lists. The girls have a passing chance at getting in, waitlisted #2 and #3. The boys... are #5 and #6. I'm not hopeful. It's my own fault though since I wasn't on the ball. Cross your fingers that it works out.

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