Sunday, June 5, 2005

Seeing People

Seems like we've been seeing lots of people lately. I know that's part of the point of homeleave time, and lucky us get 6 months with training, but it's a little odd for us to cram in weekend after weekend of seeing people we haven't seen in months or years.

The people we see the most (aside from my parents and Jeff), oddly enough are the people we knew at post in Manila. One night we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Rosslyn with about 15 other folks. Then today we had lunch at Fortune Chinese on Rt 50 with almost 30 other Manila folks.
Last night we had dinner with Doug and Diane, folks we know from Saint Michael's but also because Diane is Filipino and we went to a birthday party for one of her kids while we were in Manila. Their house was loads of fun for our kids, with a great yard and plenty of toys. The food was great too and we even had some specialty Starbucks from the Philippines.
From other parts of our lives, last weekend, Elise came down from PA with her kids to visit. We went to the playground and while we shivered in the unreasonably chilly and drippy weather, we chatted about this and that. We also learned today that Elise is expecting baby #3. Big congrats to her and family! And this coming weekend we plan to have Dawn and her husband over for dinner on Saturday. Dawn was a roommate of mine in college, and she'll be coming down from Baltimore.

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