Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Random Thoughts Again

This past Saturday was the 6 month anniversary of the Tsunami that devastated southeast Asia. Very little has gone back to normal there. The images make my heart hurt.

Oh, and....

Everyone should stop paying attention to Tom Cruise. Really. It's not good for you to give his opinion on -anything- any clout. Ignore him and maybe he'll go away. It's not that I care what he says about drugs or pregnancy or anything else. I don't care at all. What I don't get is how people are so riled up about what he has to say. He doesn't matter, why make him think he does?
Splashdown in Manassas is a fun water park. We went on Saturday but since I was playing too (especially in the lazy river), we have no photos. Not a one. Just trust me, it was fun. Nicholas was the only one who got a little toasted.
Each item that drops off our To Do list is replaced by three others. This is not fair.
Passports are very expensive.
I'm almost done with the journal from our New Zealand trip. It's been a year. Hopefully I can have the scrapbook done before we leave.
The girls had their last day of school on Friday and both passed to the next grade. This week we're continuing with light homeschooling. Both girls are registered for summer camp the third week in July. I'm hoping the boys will get off the waitlist too. I really could use those hours to clean, organize and purge this apartment without interruption.
Target should be banned. I am in a shopping frenzy.
Dinner with Dawn and Chris went well and it was nice to catch up with my old college roommate and talk about our semester abroad. We even showed off the Thailand photos. They are off to Italy for two weeks at the end of the month. Sweet! We had Jerry and Julie over for dinner this past Sunday and made it through a round of Scene It. I still don't like that game, but Ian does so I suffer through it. They are off to, uh, was it Ireland at the end of July? Hmm, Ireland or Scotland, but either one... sweet! How come we never get to go anywhere cool? Hee.
Walter (the guy in Iraq) is no longer in Iraq. His tour ended and he's off to Sydney for his next post. Yeah, he deserves it.
Ian tests in French tomorrow. Wish him luck, please!

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