Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Kids Took Me to Work Instead

Tuesday was the Consulate "Take Your Kid to Work Day."

It was more "The Kids will Go to the Office Building and Spend About 40 Minutes with You While Someone Else Keeps Them Busy for the Other 4 Hours." I was one of those Someone Elses. And my group of "The Kids" were eleven 5-6year olds. The Red Group.
It wasn't exhausting, closer to herding cats. I lost a boy at one point when groups were crossing in the halls. He was returned, but only after another decided to pee on the Consulate lawn. That was in the first 10 minutes. I think Ian had a longer day than I did with Katherine's age group (Blue) hanging with parents in one time slot, Rebecca's (White) in another, and the boys in the third. Nicholas and Jonathon saw their passport photos on the computer, had a photocopy taken of their hands and walked by the interview windows. Fifteen minutes was more than enough for them. The girls were able to sit and watch some interviews from the sidelines (and out of sight for the most part, not up in the window!).
When my group wasn't with parents we visited the library to make bookmarks, held a DVC (digital video conference) with the Blue group, made collages of their interests and future careers, and were weighed and measured by Nurse Tammy in the Clinic.
By noon I was so ready for pizza, a drink and a ride home. The kids had a good time so it was worth it, but I'm not sure I'll volunteer next year!

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