Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Project

Have I told you how much I hate Halloween? The begging for candy, the making of costumes... I really dislike it all. We successfully avoided Halloween last year (much to my children's disappointment) with our trip up North. So what does the school do for Book Week? A character parade.

*bang head on wall*

But guess what. We did it. Character day is this Friday and we have plans for all the kids.
Katherine: Will be the American Girl Kit. From 1934, Kit wears nifty hats (check), pleated knee length skirts (check), a sweater top (check), and cute little shoes (we're going with sandals... work with me here).
Rebecca: Will be American Girl Felicity. In Colonial Williamsburg, Felicity wears an assortment of materials from cotton to silk. Rebecca will sport a long skirted, smocked dress, with a velvet elbow length half jacket. Stockings will help her swelter in our summer heat. Her head must be covered, and there was no bonnet in sight, so yours truly made one based on this Family Fun pattern. With extra time and a lack of white shoelaces, it turned out like this: (OK... eventually an image will be inserted here to show off my "masterpiece") Trust me, it's pretty nifty. Shoes are a problem, no black leather boots to be had.
Nicholas: Will be Jack from The Magic Treehouse. A borrowed pair of glasses from Katherine, a small backpack with his notebook, reference book and pencil, and he's set.
Jonathon: The knight from Tomie dePaola's The Knight and the Dragon. A helmet from Busch Gardens, a sword holder thing from the lego store, an "armor" shirt from London and he's good to go sans sword: no weapons allowed.

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