Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's Been Going On

Not much. A lot of little odds and ends.

Katherine will play the flute in the Middle School Band next year. She is so excited. I've never played the flute, so I'll be interested to learn some right along with her.
I bought new shoes from Metro. Two pairs of black shoes, when I went in for sandals. I tossed my old pair of black shoes, so I'm only up one.
I'm cleaning out house again. Too much crap is piling up. Ian and I cleaned up the toy room on Monday and the housekeeper swept and mopped and pounded the carpets. It looks good in there now. Rebecca went through her clothes and pulled out a bunch to give away. I went through our school books and passed on some we don't need anymore. Our den is hopeless, I'm going to have to accept that I think. It's where we spend the most time and a cleaning only lasts a few hours. But with the party on Saturday the main floor needs to be cleaned up thoroughly, Katherine's room in particular. It'll be the main bathroom used too.
We dropped off our cat-mutilated carpet where we bought it. Next week it should be back, repaired.
For our anniversary we bought a curio cabinet and a lazboy chair. Both are lovely and both were delivered right when we were told they would. Amazing.
Rebecca has packed her suitcase. The girls leave in 7 days.
We're on a hunt for a new driver. After asking for a Rs10,000 loan (after he JUST finished paying back, and complaining about paying, a Rs2000 loan from January), he nearly had a huge accident on a major road, crossing 4 lanes of traffic on a red light with oncoming buses and trucks. The following day he asked for the loan again. Since then, he's just irritated me. Well, he's always irritated me, I've never really even liked him. In the past two weeks we had to point out that he's driving way too fast, seems like he's in a rush to get home. I've had to tell him not to tell my kids to open the back door of the house. He does this to let the gardener into our house to get water, which is so not acceptible on several levels.
Tomorrow I take the cats to the vet to get fixed. We've changed vets. Cross your fingers.
Tomorrow is supposed to be the 6th grade orientation. No idea the time but I hope it's before 1 p.m. so I can tag along. I'm helping out with the end of year parties. From 1:15 to 2:15 are water games with the K-2nd. From 2:15-3:15 is the 3rd-5th disco. I'm bringing a pan of brownies, 2 packages of cookies and a bag of chips. And my swimsuit and a towel.
Saturday we are hosting a party with our neighbors. With our three houses we have one for the kids with bouncy castles, face painting, kid movies, kid food, etc. Another for women... girlie stuff like manicures and jewelry for sale. Our house is the food place, with a biryani fire pit. Someone wants to have a roasted pig. I can just imagine. To say I'm not exactly excited about this is an understatement.
And lastly, my dad was readmitted to the hospital on Tuesday for repair surgery on his arm. All good thoughts and prayers for finally a full recovery.

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