Friday, March 7, 2008

Another week gone, where is the year going?

I've been sick this week.

We've also been fostering a kitty this week. He's a very friendly stray in our compound and figured it was a good time to get him fixed. His momma is pregnant again and we wish we could catch her, but she's really nasty. We'll do what we can with the cats we can catch. So he's been living with us this week, was fixed on Tuesday and will be released tonight after he finishes his course of antibiotics. I'll try to get a picture of him. He's really really pretty but not at all happy about his temporary forced domestication.

In other news, Jonathon is getting his bottom 2 teeth. He still has his bottom 2 baby teeth, so it's funky. Katherine is also getting a new tooth though it appears to be an extra tooth. Weird.

Ian put together our new computer desk. Looks great and has plenty of space for stuff. The best part though is the mass of wires is organized and hidden.

Tonight we're off to see "Enchanted" at the Consulate.

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