Monday, March 31, 2008

Poker Face

Friday night we hosted poker at our house.

We had a full house (ha! a pun!) with 12 folks split around 2 tables. After the first round the winners from each table then formed a "winners" table and the rest of us formed a "losers" table for a second game. It actually ended up with 7 at the winners table because the last 4 from the first group just went on and on and on. But I liked my group at the (eventual) losers table, they were a fun group of guys. I had offered to simply start off there but no one else liked that idea, so I quickly dropped out of the first round, then won the pot (just my Rupees back from the buy-in) from the second round losers.
Confused yet?
Usually poker involves anywhere from 6-10 guys, this time we had 9 guys and 3 girls. I was pretty much the loser of the girls, the other 2 played at the winners table. Ian made it to the winners table too, with a chance to win a nice sum, but lost his chips about 2/3 of the way through the game. The whole deal didn't end until past 1 a.m. and would have gone on longer if the final two hadn't agreed to just split the pot and call it a night.
We had plenty of beer and soda, vegetable sticks and chicken fingers, with mini-muffins to finish it off. I think everyone had a good time and no one got too mad at me on the final hand at the losers table when it wasn't my turn to deal and I forgot, so I dealt myself a 3 of a kind. No one held it against me when I won that hand and ended the game, even though they took back those cards I dealt, and the dealer put down the read cards and I still won. But I did feel quite stupid. It was after 11 already and those of us that dropped out sat around and watched the "fold.... fold.... fold.... fold.... bet.... fold..." that went on for the next 2 hours. I'm one that enjoys playing to play the hand I'm dealt and see what happens, the rest of my table was the same way. The "winners," well they wanted to win and would only continue with a hand if it was obviously fabulous, otherwise it was fold-city. I won with pairs of 2s, or a high card, or a low straight, with cards that would have been tossed at the other table. But I can guarantee we had more fun!
Ian's Edit: I would only point out that those people that played with a 4-6 off-suit were playing at the "loser's" table, while those of us that waited until we had winnable hole cards played at the "winner's" table. 'Nuff said.

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