Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mama Cat

The day we kittynapped the stray fluffball next door, his mama went missing. We knew she was expecting a new litter of kittens so it wasn't too surprising, but two weeks later there was still no sign of her.

Yesterday, little fluffball (which we released back a few days after his surgery) was in our yard, so Rebecca and I went to our usual spot to feed the kitties. The lady who works in the CGs house was walking by and started chatting about the cats. One of the cats, a big spotted tom we've named Spot, had recent blood spots on his neck. She said he'd gotten into a fight with the nasty orange and white cat that's been around a lot lately. Orange and white has a habit of beating up all the cats in the neighborhood and while we'd really like to toss him in the river with little lead boots on we'd accept just relocating him somewhere far away. First we have to catch him of course, and that's no easy task. He's mean, really mean. She said they'd heard a fight going on and came out to break it up and the old orange and white turned on the people instead of running away. He's that mean.

She also told us Mama Cat had died, apparently in kittenbirth. Mama Cat was weak and sick and just didn't have it in her to make it through. Poor kitty. All her kittens perished too. The staff had already buried her in the pet cemetary on the CGs lot.

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