Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back to the grind stone.

I went back to work and the kids were all in school today. They seem to all be doing OK now, a 24 hour fluke of illness. Me, I'm still coughing up a lung. Hey, it's only been since we landed in Beijing and that was what... January 18th or so? The Advair inhaler worked immediately when I started at the beginning of February, and lasted nearly a week before the cough slowly revved up again. Once my cold/flu hit around March 5th it was in full-swing. So, nearly 2 months later and I'm where I started. Getting a little tired of being sick.

Little rainy season has started. It's way early. Usually it shouldn't start until the summer months, June timeframe. Little rainy season is all about the west coast monsoon season, so why we have rain now is beyond me. I'd look it up on-line but the Indian on-line news is just as insightful as the Indian print news: Not.

Filled up the car today. Rs4000 for one tank. Ouch.

I could rant a bit about Katherine, but I won't.

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