Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm >< (this close) to just saying No.

I brought the kids to the church today for their appointment with Father Raj at 4:30. The one he set this past Sunday, 5 days ago. He said to prepare them (more) this week and he would take them in the church and talk to them himself. I brought a book (Confessions of Saint Augustine) to read while I waited in a pew.

At 5 we went home. We went to the office, he sent us to the Confessor office. It was locked. We went to the Rectory and waited. The door was closed, no one came. We took a walk through the church. A wedding was about to happen. We talked to the guard. He said Father was sick and had left. The driver went back to the office to ask again. We were then told Father was gone but would be back in 10-15 minutes.

Obviously no one had a clue where Father Raj was.

We'll grab him after church on Sunday. Again. I know this is how things get done (or not) in India, but it isn't how I get things done, and I'm about fed up.

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