Thursday, June 19, 2008

No, we're not dead.

Instead, what did happen was all good.

Last you heard from us, we'd gotten the go ahead for the First Communion. That meant we had a week to get the whole thing put together, from having Katherine learn some flute music to prepping for First Confession, to hoping and praying it was actually going to happen. And oh yeah, my parents arrived at midnight on the 12th and all the wonderful things that go along with having family visit.

So the First Communion did happen. I have pictures to prove it over at flickr. Go check them out! I'm hoping to put up more if I get some from the other family. Since all my family members were involved in the Mass one way or the other (Rebecca and Nicholas receiving the Sacrament, Katherine playing flute, my dad playing piano, my mom and I singing, Jonathon being 6 and a gift bearer, and Ian staying out of the way of the camera-wrath) we're relying on others for the great shots. But what we have can be seen here.
Once the First Communion was done, we took my parents to Saint Thomas Mount. I'll try to add more on that later, but the photos are up too.
And of course we've been up to just being together. So I have a smattering of those photos up as well, with more to be added later.
I promise, more actual blogging later. Hopefully tomorrow. We'll see as tomorrow I plan to take my mom (my dad left last night, he is always off somewhere!) to Eco Cafe' and Anokhi.

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