Thursday, September 25, 2008

Greetings from Ceylon

How odd to travel with 3 children. Katherine is traveling with the swim team so while we saw her at the airport (after a frantic phone call where she didn't have her passport... we had it), and on the plane, and waved goodbye at Colombo immigration, that's it for us until Sunday night. We are here as spectators, not in charge. She'll stay with her host family, eat with her team, hang out at OSC, we just come for the races and the rest of the time is ours. The Colombo Hilton is fine, more than fine when the rooms are comped by Hilton points. We plan to swim, eat, and watch some swimming. No touristing, we're on vacation.

We did visit the Embassy tomorrow, and plunder the commissary there. Treats and snacks galore. I told the kids they could have a soda, we came out with 2 bags of goodies and a case of Diet Cherry Coke.

Colombo is only 70 minutes past Chennai, we can walk to the ocean from the Hilton, and the Maldives require quarterly visits from the Consular Chief. Not a bad gig, really.

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