Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nikon D90

I have a very nice Canon Rebel SLR. I don't carry it around much because I don't like the little lens it came with, and the telescopic lens is huge and heavy. It hurts to use. I'm wimpy. And no, I don't want another camera, certainly not until I make this one pay for itself somehow, but that doesn't mean I can't read up on what's new in the world of photography. And to that end, the article in the IHT about the new Nikon D90 caught my eye.

"What you get in return for looking like a tourist, of course, is the potential for absolutely stunning photos. Thanks to factors like high-quality, interchangeable lenses, a huge light sensor and high-speed circuitry that virtually eliminates shutter lag, the pictures you get from an SLR generally make pocket cameras' output look amateurish." But more than that "when you press the Live View button on the D90. You hear a little clack - that's the mirror flipping aside - and a live video image appears on the screen. Now you can shoot photos at angles where holding the camera to your head just wouldn't work; it comes in handy more often than you might think.

Live View is the key to the breakthrough feature of the D90, the secret that turns it into a completely new kind of recording instrument, the trick that will attract creative people who would otherwise have no interest in a $1,000 camera. Ready?

The D90 is the first SLR in the world that can record video.

High-definition video, at that. Stunning, vivid, wide screen, 1024 x 720 pixel, 24-frames-per-second video, with the color and clarity that only an SLR can provide."

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