Thursday, December 18, 2008

Raita on Day 4

Raita: a yogurt dish with chopped tomatoes/cucumber/onions/other bits, used as a coolant when eating spicy Indian food.


Raita: cat #4 in the Hopper house.

I had no intentions of keeping the kitten we picked up off Chamiers Road by the Park Sheraton. None whatsoever. It would seem the heavens did not agree with my plans. After a couple weeks and a quick vet visit, we adopted her out to a Consulate family. A week later she was back as one of the kids had an allergic reaction to her. Her name changed from Hiro to Raita, and she's been in the house ever since. Today we estimated her birthday around September 15th, so she's roughly 3 months old. When we first picked her up she wouldn't eat solid foods, so the first couple weeks were a liquid diet of homemade kitten milkshake formula. Since then she's graduated to dry kitten food and has taken over the upstairs, much to the other 3 cats horror. There's still a lot of puffed fur and hissing when there's a face-off and usually Raita will force the bigger cats to turn tail and hide in my bedroom.
Last week, Raita fell in the bathtub full of water. It's her own fault, she stretches out on the bathtub counter whenever one of the girls takes a shower. Looking much like a soggy rat, she took to the den to dry off and we noticed her abdomen was really fat and very pink. It looked weird. So we brought her in to the vet who, after giving her a shot for ear mites, said she was fat though he could feel a little lump and didn't know if it was something in her intestine, a large blob of fat, or perhaps kittens. Though I know she's way too young, and Raita has been inside the house with us, I didn't know what might have occurred when she was gone for a week. Today we brought her back for an ultrasound, just to be sure.
No kittens. Still not sure what the lump is, but it's one less worry. Since she's still so young, we decided to hold off on getting her spayed and did start her vaccinations and pick her next deworming date. I'm not sure why we have to deworm our cats regularly as they eat imported food and are 100% indoor, but OK.
So all told: for the exam, the u/s, the vaccination, the deworming suspension... Rs550. Right around $11.
Now to figure out what to do since I have no intention of bringing 4 cats with us to the States. We'll see how far my plans get me this time.

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