Sunday, December 14, 2008

We're on the hunt. For a house.

Since we're coming home this summer, and there will be no better time to buy a house, that's what we're planning. Back in our old haunting ground, we've been searching through and to see what's on the market now. Want to see the houses I really like?

MLS: PW6936923

MLS: PW6810929

Others we're keeping an eye on:
PW6898559 (12115 Tango Lane)
PW6930530 (14142 Rockinghorse Drive)
PW6898658 (13508 Photo Drive)
PW6926899 (13417 Princedale Drive)
PW6936272 (13819 Rosewood Drive)
PW6909787 (6188 Preston Court)
PW6799713 (14611 Brook Drive)
PW6933173 (13342 Pelican Road)

Ian says: DON'T BUY OUR HOUSES. Ok? ;)

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