Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yesterday, I said today was going to be a great day.

A great day would be loads of Christmas card mail, followed by calorie free cookie baking and a sudden snow storm. I didn't get any of that but it was a pretty good day anyway.

Rebecca had her friend sleep over, she was so happy that they're back from their holiday to Bali and KL. After a couple episodes of Walking with Dinosaurs (a 6-episode BBC series, Jonathon is really into dinosaurs, can't wait to take him to Natural History), some pancakes and rounds of Cadoo and Ziggity (both games by Cranium, which we've also played several times the past week), the kids hit the pool with a leftover pizza picnic and then spent some time on the computer. It was a hotter day today than it has been in a week so it wasn't until the evening that the kids played outside. That's when they found the "perfect place for the tent" and Jonathon decided to gather seeds for planting. Did I mention he's also really into gardening? We'll set up the tent and find some pots tomorrow. I know the kids have plans to sleep outside at some point, but with the roving packs of mongeese (man, are they ugly, someday I'll get a photo) and snakes in our yard, along with bats, cats and rats, I don't think so.
Anyway, Rebecca hopped off to Citi Centre with her friend for some last minute shopping, Nicholas and I started baking chocolate pixie cookies. Ian did bring home some mail, Season 4 of Lost/Horton Hears a Who/Dark Knight (which we, uh, already have... our neighbor's penchant for buying multiple copies of movies without intending to seems to be rubbing off on Ian), along with a new backpack for Katherine from ebags.com. She's already decorated it with her name. She wanted the white one so she could write and draw on it, and have her friends sign it too. She was planning to draw flags of all the places she's been, but I think we'll hunt down patches instead.
We pulled together our cheeseburger dinner with homecut potato wedges before deciding on "Elf" for our evening Christmas movie. Oh who am I kidding, it was an easy decision as "Elf" is our only Christmas movie. I suppose I should fix that at some point. Tomorrow we'll borrow "A Muppet Christmas Carol" from the neighbors.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. How did that happen? I'd best go wrap that last gift that's sitting... waiting...

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