Monday, October 12, 2009

911, where is your emergency?

Twice the past week Ian has called 9-1-1 -> neither time was for anyone in our family.

Last Sunday a women below us at church (we sit in the balcony) passed out into the aisle. Ian called 911, along with a dozen other people. Approved used of the cell phone in the church and a time we're all glad we don't really turn off the cells during Mass, just put them away or mute them.

Yesterday we were on our way home from a couple free games of bowling and one of the girls noticed black smoke pouring into the sky from a largely abandoned strip mall along Rt.1. We watched for a second as the smoke got thicker and Ian dialed 911. The kids wanted to see what happened next so we pulled into an adjacent parking lot and realized the smoke was actually coming from the rear of the building. As dark was falling we caught the reflection of the flames on the underside of the smoke as it billowed out. Police, roughly 6 firetrucks, 2 rescue, chiefs and deputy chiefs sirened their way behind the building and we watched the back smoke quickly turn to white as they put out the fire.

Let's see what happens next Sunday.

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