Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quick update on a couple points

Remember when I said: " Rebecca will be moved to Extended Math. She'll still have a full period every day, but I'm hoping the syllabus will prove to be more challenging." Her schedule did change, and along with being moved into Extended Math she is now in Extended LA as well. She has the same teacher for math, and unfortunately they aren't going to be moving quicker but according to Rebecca they'll be adding in some other stuff to each lesson. If nothing else hopefully this won't be as boring. They are still doing odds and evens though.... *insert hair pulling here* Becca said the teacher gave small groups 2 die and challenged them to figure out the proportion of odds to evens when adding the die amounts after each roll. While she was talking about the exercise, Becca wrote it out on paper and showed it to her teacher and then to the class (after the class worked on it) how it reached 12 even (roughly 2/3) and 9 (roughly 1/3) odd results.

And then I said: "There are two schools I'd prefer for Katherine to attend next year. Forest Park is our default school, but for a specialty program it's not the best match. ... So tonight we go and learn what it's all really about." And we learned what it was all about. Aside from the Tech programs and the Fine Arts program, entry is pretty much guaranteed for whichever school she applies to, which is wonderful, and pickups are done at elementary and middle schools. There's a chance she'd be picked up at Montclair, right around the corner.

I have to say that the Hylton International Studies program looked like a ton of fun and I know Katherine would really enjoy it. But looking at the big picture, she lives the International Studies life. She doesn't need more "Global Awareness," foreign student exchanges (oh funny story, she said being overseas didn't count because all the kids she met came from other international schools, they weren't foreign exchange students, nevermind that Americans were rare), or exposure to cultures. Right now, she's supposed to be immersing herself in American culture. So, we're considering applying to Gar-Field and the International Baccalaureate program which should prepare her for finishing up high school overseas.

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