Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life is good.

It can't be the cold weather, that would never make me feel good, right? My hands are just about always chilled so it really can't be the 38 degrees we woke up to today that's putting a bounce in my step. But there's something in the air, something about something that made the past couple weeks pretty darn good.

I wish I could pin it down, but will just take it for what it is: good.

**Watching football on TV makes me happy. Not the Redskins of course, they are simply painful to watch, but we also caught the Vikings/Ravens game, wow. And the Raiders/Eagles game where the Eagles lost and that's always a good thing.
**I got a call today in response to my e-mail to Rebecca's guidance counselor about her math placement. Currently in math class they are talking about odd and even numbers and she says kids in her class still don't get it. This is middle school. So I asked that she be placed in either 7th grade math or pre-Algebra with a feeling that they were a stretch but what I'm learning is that you ask for more than is reasonable and receive what fits. Rebecca will be moving to what's called Extended Math. Just as Katherine is now in Extended 8th grade English in order to accommodate French (usually LA is taught every day but if you take a language then the same time is split between LA and foreign language so LA is a condensed/advanced class), now Rebecca will be moved to Extended Math. She'll still have a full period every day, but I'm hoping the syllabus will prove to be more challenging. In her current class they should be moving into fractions and factoring and Becca did fractions since 3rd grade and factoring last year. Heck, Jonathon was beginning fractions last year in 2nd at AISC which I thought was pretty typical.
**I'm still looking for stuff. The charger for the portable Canon camera. The bathroom scale. You'd think the latter would be pretty easy to find.
**Tonight Katherine is missing Religious Education in order to go to Specialty Programs Information Fair at Hylton high school. In our county we have 11 high schools (and a new Catholic high school, John Paul the Great), nine of which have specialty programs and the kids who apply and are accepted to their chosen program are bussed to that school.
Forest Park High - Center for Information Technology, Network Design and Engineering
Gar-Field High - International Baccalaureate Programme, Integrated Engineering Systems Technology
Hylton High - Center for International Studies and Languages, Television Production, Auto Technology
Potomac Senior High - Cambridge Program, Collision Repair
Osbourn Park High - Bio Technology Center
Woodbridge Senior High - Center for the Fine and Performing Arts, Television Production, Project Lead-the-Way, Cosmetology
Freedom High - The Center for Environmental Sciences
Osbourn Park High - Health Services Specialty
Stonewall Jackson High - Network Design and Engineering, Cosmetology
There are two schools I'd prefer for Katherine to attend next year. Forest Park is our default school, but for a specialty program it's not the best match. Can you guess which two we'd like? And can you guess which one Katherine would choose if left to her own devices? So tonight we go and learn what it's all really about.
**The girls auditioned for the school musical (High School Musical Jr.) and Katherine got the part of Ms. Darbus. Rebecca will be in the cast as a "thespian" so a drama geek. Twice weekly rehearsals start next week.
**Ian and I are going low-carb in our diet efforts. How is this even possible during the cold months when all I want to do is have oatmeal for breakfast, suck down cream soups at lunch, make cheesie pasta for dinner and put peanut butter on toast all the other times? Maybe we should wait until spring? It's just not fair that all the comforting warming foods of winter are carb based. Tips?? Suggestions??
**Looking for a trip? How about this one for only $399 (minus airfare).

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