Thursday, October 22, 2009

Public Vs. Private school. Is there really a cost difference?

I want to say yes, I really do because deep down I know that it's true, but it sure doesn't feel like it. The nickel and diming at our public schools from supplies to fundraisers is excruciating.

Every project, every activity has a cost. School supplies: $25+. Join the PTSO: $10. Have to have (at least) one P.E. uniform: $20. Attend the monster mash: $10. Get into school play, need a rehearsal book: $10. A rehearsal CD too? $15. Support the library: $1. Buy from the Marketplace fundraiser: $10 and up (way way up). Yearbook: $30. Entertainment book fundraiser: $30. On and on, all on top of our taxes which I don't begrudge the county at all.

We've only been in school 6 weeks and many of these things are per child. It's a touch wearisome to be asked for money from both schools literally every week.

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