Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Double Digits for the Big Guy

4/20/10 - 10th Birthday at home.

Turning 10 is a big deal no matter who or where you are. This year it's Nicholas's turn and his day was a mix. He was bummed it was on a Tuesday. It was a school day, Ian had work, the girls both had evening activities. He didn't get to open his gifts or have cake until 9 p.m.
But daddy came home early from work, he got great gifts...
4/20/10 - 10th bday gift pile 4/20/10 - Becca got him a Caps Nicklas Backstrom shirt
...his cake was a "homemade" ice cream cake...
4/20/10 - 10th Bday cake...
...and he shared mini cupcakes with his classmates and faculty at lunchtime.
4/20/10 - Sharing minicupcakes with classmates and faculty
I spent some time with him at lunch and I regret not moving him to another class when I had the chance early on. Yet again, I left it to "it'll get better" and "he needs to learn how to deal with some unpleasant situations too." But no one should have to deal with an unpleasant classroom atmosphere for a whole school year, and I won't let that happen next year. There are 4 or 5 girls in the class of 24 kids, and Nicholas sits with 3 of them at lunch time. The boys don't seem to like him, and honestly he doesn't like any of them either. He has friends, they're just in other classrooms. His favorite day of the week is Wednesday. Right now it's the day he does weather on the morning announcements, Signet until just before dismissal, then his after school Science Club. April Wednesdays are great.
Once again Nicholas is trying to give up his stuffed dogs. Remember this photo?
Not what we planned.
They are back in a shoebox under my bed. He carried them around all day on Monday, knowing it was the end, his last day of being 9. Tuesday morning they were popped into a box. Tuesday evening he got out of bed and asked if he could have them back. Successfully deterred for an evening we'll see what happens tonight. If he asks for them again then we'll attempt a strict enforcement of the bed-only rule. He's 10, I shouldn't be tripping over his stuffed animals in the dining room, the entry way or anywhere really, right?
His new clothes and sheets are being washed, his alarm clock is set, there's a new movie to watch with his siblings ("The Indian in the Cupboard") and he tried to ride his skateboard to school this morning. It's raining so when he fell he was soggy, but he didn't care.
He's happy. Can't ask for more than that.

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