Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good grades = Modern Warfare 2

Am I the only one that doesn't see that as positive reinforcement??

I know Ian wanted the game and it managed to arrive through Goozex the day after 3rdQ report cards, and somehow it ended up as Report Card Reward. OK.
In other news, Rebecca finished her caking class tonight. She'll take a break before the next class (she could start next Tuesday, but these classes really wipe her out on school nights), but we have the $10 off incentive and the fact that she owns all the basic supplies now. Hopefully a class will be offered in June or July.
Her final project:
4/27/10 - Rebecca's final cake for her class
Here's my effort at a food creation, not quite as lovely as her cake:
4/26/10 - Homemade quesadillas
I wanted quesadillas, so there they are. And they were delicious.
We are enjoying the fresh vegetables we get in season here, and I thoroughly enjoy going to the farmer's market each week so this year we're attempting to grow some of our own. The carrots are going to be a pain to separate out. The beans and cucumbers are threatening to take over. Pushy little veggies.
4/26/10 Our seed pots sprouting.
But really today was all about the 3rd grade trip to the zoo. I tagged along as a chaperone, there were so many of us some only had 2 kids to mind... their own and one other. Last time to the Natural History museum I had Jonathon and two boys, this time I had Jonathon and 3 girls.
4/27/10-NatlZoo, Six Prairie Dogs 4/27/10-NatlZoo
4/27/10-NatlZoo, Keeping an eye on the meerkats 4/27/10-NatlZoo, Keeping an eye on the orangutan
4/27/10-NatlZoo, Orangutan sculture garden 4/27/10-NatlZoo, Orangutan swinging along .
4/27/10 - NatlZoo, Invertebrates 4/27/10-NatlZoo, Spiny Lobster
4/27/10-NatlZoo, one of my favorites the jellyfish 4/27/10-NatlZoo, Basilisk
4/27/10-NatlZoo, Adorable poison frog 4/27/10-NatlZoo, Baby Gorilla
I think we did pretty well with only 2 hours at the zoo, it helped the middle section of the zoo was closed for renovation so the park is split into two distinct sections. We didn't see the pandas or anything around there, a bummer but what can you do. Instead, Jonathon took photos of just about every tank in the invertebrate building.
Now my whole self has said that I need to rest, which is why I'm finishing up my tea and going to crawl into my bed with tonight's episode of "Glee."

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