Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We've been back in the States for nearly a year now. How is that even possible?? Along with sitting outside while the kids play or have friends over, walking to the boys' school, driving myself around, planting a garden, being near family and the plethora of other cool stuff we can do (my version of cool and yours may differ slightly), we like watching TV. A habit we got into overseas was our willingness to fund Amazon.com's take over of the world by buying seasons of all the shows we enjoy watching. We're still doing that, partially because we have much to catch up on and partially because we don't like the idea of waiting a week for a new episode. The approaching end of "Lost" is the exception though as we yearn to drag this out as long as possible, and the intervening week allows us to ponder what we've learned... or haven't learned. We'll buy the season on DVD when it's available anyway as it's a show we'll watch over again when we go back overseas. The girls started with Season 1 a few months back so they have a while yet.

But while we're in Virginia, we're using Netflix. We *heart* Netflix. Thanks to Netflix we've caught the first season "Fringe" and the entire run of "Jericho." We're now waiting to begin "Flashforward." And rather than wait at all, Ian bought "Glee" for Valentine's Day and we're both hooked.

So what we're watching... "Amazing Race" of course. Ian likes "Caprica" but I can take or leave it. I mentioned "Lost" already. We catch the new "Mythbusters" when they're on. "Chuck" has kept our interest. "Glee" is new to our list along with "Fringe" and "V." The kids like "Merlin."

But you know what, we still miss "Battlestar Galactica."

So what are we missing that we really shouldn't?

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