Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello, 911?

No, not really. But Ian did inform the police today of our "lawn activity." This morning I opened the door to find a neighbor's UPS box and contents strews about the yard. I kid you not, the dog poop/trash spreader has now resorted to stealing people's mail and dumping it on our grass.

Well, a big storm rolled through yesterday, perhaps the box blew over to us and the rain ruined the cardboard spilling out its innards? No, unless it knew how to open itself along the tape line, unwrap one item from its contents, leave the other contents wrapped but spread out, and didn't leave a single bit of mail/trash/anything else on anyone else's yard between us and the owners of the box.... 8 houses, down a hill, and around a bend away.

We returned the box with apologies (it still had its full delivery label) and Ian called to make a report. The lady was happy to get her stuff. The cops were pleasant but not able to do anything.

Seriously, does Person X really have nothing better to do? We're getting hit every few days now. A beer bottle here, a trash bag of garbage there, dog poop one day and now a neighbor's clothing order. It's getting old. And I do fear what's coming next. Is OUR mail safe? Are our windows?

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  1. Some people are just mean. I really hope someone finds out who is doing this and stops it, and I am very sorry that you have to deal with it!