Thursday, August 4, 2011

Masala Thursday Update

It probably seems like all I'm doing is writing about this cat. We do have another cat, Tandoori, but he's shy and skittish. He doesn't like the sounds that come from our bedroom/CatICU, or the ones that come from the carrier as Masala goes in and out of the house. He RUNS from those. Tandoori is fine. He likes a lap when it's available but anything new/different he just hides from. Add to that our bedroom is closed off to him and I just haven't seen him all that much.

The past few days really have been all about the sick cat. He gets meds 5 times a day, warm compresses 3 times a day and he's still not eating or drinking on his own so we feed and water him by hand 4-5 times a day. Then there's petting time. If all we did was go in and shove things into his mouth he'd be a sick and depressed cat instead of just a sick cat. So I spend a lot of time sitting in my master closet petting him.

All to say, from 6 a.m. to Midnight I spend a great deal of time managing the cat and keeping track of what I'm doing when so the vet has a record too.

After his day long visit to the vet on Tuesday we scheduled follow-ups today and Monday. Today's appointment scheduled for 11:30 was unnecessary as I brought him in at opening to be evaluated. Late last night I noticed some of the glue keeping the rear of his leg wound closed had popped open. It's due to the swelling of his leg, he can't bend his joints the way he could Monday or Tuesday. He's fighting food, probably because he still hasn't eliminated in the litter box. It's been 6 days of stoppage and the wounds and swelling are not making that any easier either.

The office called and said his leg is infected. There was bacteria still caught inside (the ER vet warned that might happen), the infection has taken over and they recommended surgery today to do what they can and put in some drainage tubes as well.

They asked for my OK to go ahead to take care of him.

Seriously? I understand, I really do. Apparently some people do say No. But I'm not one of them. We've done our best by every pet we've had. They are vaccinated, neutered and fed the best food we can afford. They are played with and tolerated when they barf on the silk rug. We foster abandoned and homeless pets when overseas and find new homes for them when it's time to move. We adopted these 2 from India and brought them all the way here and we look forward to adopting another pet when we move to Jordan. Because as I've told my kids, the animals we care for abroad have us as their only chance. We make a real difference.

And this is no exception. Has this been expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. We don't stop caring because it becomes inconvenient. Only when his life quality would be severely at risk would we consider any option other than doing our best to help him how we can... with love, good medical care and plenty of time.

This is a one-day-at-a-time thing.
And today isn't over yet.

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  1. Masala is a lucky kitty to be in your loving family! We are teaching our children the same lessons - pets are forever. If you take in a kitten, you raise it and care for it for it's whole life. Period. No excuses. I sure hope that Masala recovers quickly and completely. It's tough when our pets are hurt.