Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Masala Tuesday Update

Masala spent the day at the vet for checkups and some extra care. He had an IV, was syringe fed 40mls of food, had several hot compresses and got some additional pain meds along with an increase in dosage. Apparently all day he just gave the staff the evil eye. The vet's office is far from his favorite place and the staff are not his favorite people. The staffer I spoke with last night was in this afternoon when I picked him up and she finally "put the face to the name" because he is quite a handful at the office even when he isn't critical. Just clipping his nails tends to have staffers applying bandages to themselves afterwards.

We got him home and he walked. He limped, but he walked putting real pressure on his injured leg. He used the litter box. He ate another 5mls of food. He had another hot press and didn't complain.

And later when I was petting him during a random petting moment, he purred.

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