Thursday, October 20, 2011

I feel bad, but I'm told I shouldn't.

The Story: Pulling out of the neighborhood. Taking Jonathon to church so he can altar serve for Benediction, with a 10-minute time crunch to get there on time. Raining. Traffic. At least a dozen people stopped at the light.

The Place: Stopped at the corner light in the right lane, waiting to turn left (both lanes can turn left). To the right is a mini strip mall. To the left is a fire house/emergency response station.

The Problem: In the left lane right next to me, a car dies. The occupants get out and pop the hood while getting jumper cables.

The lady looks at me and starts talking so I roll down my window.

Lady: Can you give us a jump?

Me: I'm sorry I really can't, I have to be some.....

Lady: Oh that's FINE. Never mind. One day you'll be in this position and... *starts talking to other people with her.

Me: I'm really sorry. If I was going to the store or someplace I didn't have to be right now I would help but I....

Lady: That's fine, fine, whatever.

And the light changed. By the time we returned 45 minutes later, she was gone. But wow, did I feel like a horrible person.

And then I thought... really? There's an emergency station Right There. If I had stopped we'd have blocked both lanes and there was no way for me to turn nose-to-nose with her either. I did have to be somewhere, but it felt awful that it was church of all places and I felt like I was going against one of the basics tenets of being a good person.

I get that she was frustrated and upset, but I didn't like saying No and I already felt guilty for saying No.

It just burns me that she was rude about it.

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