Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekends. Busier than weekdays.

Friday night Katherine had Homecoming Game night, she played in the Marching Band for that. Rebecca was tasked with minding the boys at the neighborhood practice field while Nicholas had football practice and Ian&I attended a Chennai-Get-Together party in Falls Church. We saw a lot of familiar faces and a lot of unfamiliar faces. Folks who have completed a 2-year tour in Chennai since we've left. It's hard to believe so much time has already passed.

Saturday my parents met up with us at the game field and the whole family watched Nicholas play football. The girls pitched in at the concessions stand while Jonathon founds plenty of little friends to play with and the adults sort of watched the game. Nicholas didn't play much, so out of 1 1/2 hours we only had to pay attention to about 5 minutes. After the loss, we all retired to Wendy's for lunch, a short trip through Target, drop off at the bowling alley for Nicholas at 6 p.m. to bowl with his team. Pick up Nicholas 2 hours later, drop off Rebecca at a Halloween/birthday party. Back home. Get Katherine who was decked out for the Homecoming Dance, pick up her boyfriend at 8, drop them off at the Kelly Leadership Building. Pick up Rebecca at 10. Pick up Katherine at 11. Collapse.

Wake up Sunday morning feeling fairly lousy. Church. Lunch at Red Robin. I took a nap with a couple rice socks because my back hurt so much. I also needed the energy for a 2-hour primer on Dungeons&Dragons. Jonathon has initiated me as the Dwarf Cleric on his team. I died in the tutorial. I'll do better on later quests. Promise. The goblins will succumb.

Feeling lousy still, Ian brought Katherine to and from P.U.L.S.E. after the girls did some yard raking. The boys made s'mores and now it's time to head into a new week. The kids made their lunches, homework is done, all we need is a good night's sleep to set the stage for a great Monday.

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