Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The thing with clothes is...

We have too many. That's no secret. How many people do you know bemoan having "too many clothes and nothing to wear"?

Following the lead of a friend, I did something new this year. I decided that for one year I wouldn't buy myself any new clothes. The reasons were two-fold. Reason 1: See above. Reason 2: Financial restraint.

First, the exceptions: I did buy new underwear and socks. Sorry you wondered? OK, now that's out of the way, what were the other exceptions... because, yes I did get a few things. An awesome Hershey Bears tshirt and a Caps tshirt, from Ian, and I've worn them. A lot. A pair of boots Ian also bought for me and which I've also worn a ton. A pair of chocolate brown slacks my mom bought for me which are waiting for Jordan. I did not buy me any new clothes. A loophole you say? Why yes, yes it is.

The other half of my project was eliminating the clothes I don't wear. I've been through all the season here so if I haven't worn it by now they are donated to Goodwill. The exceptions here? The clothes I wore in India that don't have a life in the U.S. (not on me at least). That section in my closet I haven't touched in 2 years, but they will stay for the warm dry weather in Amman.

So what do I do now? There's a few months left in my project and truth be told, it was not hard at all. I window shopped, I tried clothes on, I just didn't buy. I'll shop for myself come the spring before we depart to Post but even then my purchases won't near the amount I've given up. My goal is to replace what I've given up with a few well-chosen adult pieces.

After being asked for my hall pass when walking through Gar-Field HS a couple weeks ago with Katherine, my closet is way past time for an upgrade.

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