Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rockin' the Red

Hello Hockey Season!


10/8/11: Ready for some hockey?

We've made our Fantasy Hockey League on, we're watching the games (Ian went with a friend to a pre-season game last Sunday, Ian and I are heading to the Caps/Lightning match-up on Monday, and of course there's plenty of hockey on TV), we ordered a Love for Lokomotiv wrist band (an entire KHL team died in a plane crash in September), and we're looking at enrolling the boys in hockey skate lessons at the newly reopened Prince William Ice Center. Remember that place? The one that collapsed due to the weight of the snow nearly 2 years ago? It's brand spankin' new now, and gorgeous.

Ah, hockey. It's a bright spot to look forward to in the misery of the coming winter.

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