Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dad-Son Project, or How I Lost My Bedroom Floor

But first... this is totally normal here.  And every single game for sale was pirated.

But we actually went to the mall today for this project, something Ian has been waiting to do for a while so that Nicholas could do it with him.  I think Jonathon wanted in on it too, but not this time.  Ian has been buying parts for a couple months and aside from the power supply that never showed everything was assembled and waiting a long weekend.  A stop at Mecca Mall fixed the power supply problem (NOT from the store pictured above) and now the boys are spread out all over our bedroom floor.

It's a lovely case.  Though one has to wonder: Why make something so large and bulky as we size down everything else?  We all have laptops, even our last PC was a Mac, so no CPU.  And now we have this big thing.  I get that it's easier to see all the parts and learn what they're all about, and this machine will be the boys' game machine so they'll put less crap on their school laptops.  I get it.  I'm clearly not a computer geek.

Meanwhile, Jonathon (who was not welcome to be part of the building process, poor kid), entertained himself reading old issues of PC Gamer.  Someone at the Embassy dropped off a year's worth of magazines and even I enjoyed reading up on SkyRim and Minecraft, two games I see a lot of on our xBox (and yes, I play Minecraft.  I'm in good company... Wil Wheaton, geek extraordinaire, just got hooked.  If you've never heard of Minecraft you clearly don't have kids between the ages of 9-14).  Currently he's learning some new stuff about a PC game called "Faster Than Light" which I guess is a lot of fun.

Ian is spending time during the build explaining to Nicholas what each part does and how they work together.  For all their geekiness I'm excited to see how well the whole thing works.  It's been quite a few years since Ian built his own, our first few computers were all frankenmachines from leftover bits gathered from my folks. 

Hrm.  They don't have a monitor.  I wonder if they've noticed?


  1. What a great project! (you'll get your floor back eventually!)

  2. They had a great time and now have a great machine to play games on, so the laptops can be spared some use.