Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello Long Weekend

As Ian said on Facebook: The new fighting to our west, in Israel, just eclipsed Jordan's own gas price riots, which in turn eclipsed the civil war to our north, in Syria.

Yup, our little pocket of Middle East sanity is slowly... changing.

A personal account of some of the happenings around town can be read on Donna's blog.  You remember Donna.  She... pardon, her lovely husband... threw that mangy feisty ringwormed kitten in our car a few weeks back.  Yesterday she had a close encounter with what's going on and how things are getting a little crazy again.

Aside from the Jordan Times coverage: Calm prevails across Jordan as protesters vow to return to the streets,  the world news is picking up some of the Jordan news, more of the Syrian news, and a whole lot of the Gaza/Israel news.

It's a quiet time at home for another long weekend.


  1. They are interesting times to witness, aren't they. Stay safe and love on that cutie pie kitten. :)

  2. Thinking of you guys - stay safe and avoid more ringworm!