Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jonathon's view of Jerash.

One of my favorite things to see here is the olive groves.  The hillsides and valleys are marked with rows upon rows of olive trees which are currently near the end of harvest season.  There were several opportunities to help families harvest but we missed out.  They are an extremely popular activity, both through the Embassy and through the school.  Next year I'll have to move quicker.

The entry to old Jerash.

Big old arch.

The "museum"?  Some items had placards, some did not.

The amphitheater where the ACS kids graduate.
It was a little strange in this amphitheater.  A bagpiper played American tunes, like Amazing Grace and Yankee Doodle.  Sounded great with the acoustics, but was still a bagpipe.

The old city and the "new" city.

Circus from the side.
 Things always look a little different from nearly a foot lower than me.

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