Saturday, November 3, 2012

Marine Ball - Happy 237th Birthday!

The Marine anniversary is November 10th and last night we celebrated at the Landmark Hotel with the MSGs, Gunnery Sergeant Pence, and a couple hundred Embassy friends.  We were honored to be invited to sit at the Ambassador's table with a good view of the ceremony.

The Marines are a treasured memory for me.  No, my father wasn't a Marine, and I haven't been a Marine nor am I married to a Marine, but Marines were a long time part of my life when I was younger as we moved from Embassy to Embassy.  I remember my parents getting all dressed up to attend the Balls and participating in them as well.  I remember Marines at their post.  I remember I looked up to them, how sharp they looked, and how they Sir'd and Ma'am'd everyone.

We went to our first Marine Ball in Delhi during our Chennai tour.  It was a pleasant affair but limited because we simply didn't know anyone from Embassy Delhi.  We ate, we danced, we enjoyed the ceremony, had some cake and flew home the next day.

This time we had many familiar faces around us and it was nice to see people all dressed up in their finery.  Jessica, the Gunny's wife, did a wonderful job with arranging the Ball, though she professes to have had only a small part in it (I don't believe her).

It was a nice evening.  There are things I would have changed, but considering I didn't arrange it or have any role in it I have no room to complain.  We had an "official" photo taken and were home before midnight.  Late night owls we are not.



  1. Hey! You made me famous! Was a fun night, I thought...

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