Thursday, December 27, 2012


Day one of equestrian at Saifi Stables.  Saifi doesn't advertise.  At the turn off the main road there are a number of road signs for everything from an Autism support site, to soccer fields, to stables, and the shooting range.  Saifi isn't on of them and I asked the owner about it.  She was honest and said they have plenty of business and don't want folks to just wander in.  They board 65 horses both school owned and privately owned, have 150 students, offer classes to all ages and abilities, and are perfectly content with their current clientele and word-of-mouth advertising.  Rebecca really liked their instructor, Bruno, and caught on quickly to posting.  Jonathon took a little longer and doesn't quite have the rhythm, but with a little focus and patience (two things he is genuinely short on) he'll get there, but he had fun anyway.  And with lessons comes horse care.  They manage tack, clean hooves, the fun stuff.

If they stick with it, looks like we'll need to purchase a few supplies.  Boots, pants, and helmets.  Suggestions for online sites?


Jonathon, Rebecca, and teacher Bruno

After lesson time we returned home to get rid of the horsey smell, met up with Ian for lunch, and the boys spent a little more time practicing on their Ripstiks.  Rebecca gave it a whirl too.

There was minimal blood drawn, so a successful day for all.

BTW, it's December 27th and it's 57F outside during the day.  Jealous?


  1. State Line Tack and Dover Saddlery are good places to start, and both have good sales going on right now.

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